Hanging drywall doesn’t need much skill, however, one will need to have physical strength. Even if you plan to do it yourself or hire an assistant beside you, you must be familiar with the drywall installation’s fundamental principles. Keep on reading about the tips that could be specifically helpful to you in completing this task. 

Cut drywall 

In cutting drywall, all you need is a T-square and a knife. Mark the part where you want to cut, position the T-square and trim along using a utility knife. Guarantee to cut at the side that’ll be fronting the room to make sure that you will have clean paper lines, which will hold plaster or paint. 

Cutting drywall holes 

In cutting a hole in the middle of a drywall sheet, the first thing you should do is to know the details about the pipe and relocate these measurements onto your drywall. Next, get a drill that has a wide bit and make a hole. Lastly, using a saber saw or keyhole saw, cut along the outline. 

Hang drywall on the ceiling 

You might rent a drywall life for it to hold the sheet while fixing it. A lot of people like to fasten drywall using nails. But, screws don’t usually come out eventually. Inspect whether the local building code doesn’t permit what fasteners to utilize. With the help of a drywall lift, put the first sheet to guarantee that its edge will be positioned at the joist’s center. 

Once the sheet conceals the whole width of the joist, you’ll need to nail an extra piece of a 2×4-inch board align with the side of the joist. This is to make a foundation on which to repair the following sheet.  

Attach the drywall to the ceiling 

As you attach drywall, set the nails or screw at a distance of approximately 7 in. and move them alongside the seam. This particular seam usually cracks in the future.  

Tape the drywall 

Using a joint compound or mud, you need to cover the entire nails or screws and the seams to achieve a smooth ceiling surface. This is important to prevent having a seam that runs along the ceiling’s entire length. 

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